The impacts of a shutdown or  turnaround can make a difference in the supply and productions of the plant/project. DtransEnergy will optimise the time, effort and process in doing turnaround/shutdown with our highly qualified experienced personals.
  • Recommendation to Owner for turnaround, shutdown and decommissioning planning and execution as well as safety management
  • Strategic Partner and Licensor for special technologies and innovations.
  • Identifying of Hazardous / Critical location in the plant for proposal implementing Fire & Gas system.
  • liaison with local government authorities.
  • Rental of safety equipment.
Phase 1
  • Steering Group
  • Contract Review
  • Agree Preparation Team
  • Worklist Meeting
  • Finalization Of Work list By Area
  • Produce Job Method Sheet
  • Identify Materials - SAP
  • Identify Long LEad Items
  • Procure Material
  • Prepare ITB
Phase 2
  • Major Job Review
  • Job Safety Analysis With Contractor/Owner
  • Contractor Mobilisation To Site
  • Pre-Preparation
  • Turnaround/Shutdown/Decomm Execution
  • Control Extra/Additional Work Control
  • Control Issue Of Material
  • Assist With Plant Start-Up Decomm
  • De-Brief Management Team
  • Post Critique & Produce Quality Dossier